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Issue #80 -- Deliberate Misrepresentation

(Game Summary)
With half the Team in Asia for reasons never quite explained, the rest of the Team handles their ordinary night-to-night activities over Berlin. Archer and Wejona are on patrol, chatting lightly with each other while seeing to it that the night streets are safe. Shortly after a four panel long confrontation with a Mugger, the group finds themselves within a block or a Museum robbery with no backup likely for at least an hour due to strange circumstances.

Then, flashing back several hours to earlier in the evening, we stand before Devlin Marshall, the mundane identity of the Devil's Advocate as he stands in court dealing with the end of a rather exhausting case and it's final verdict. A very well done scene relying heavily on Artist Terry White, the scene conveys a lot with very few words. You can almost see the rage of the Devils' Advocate flaring in the eyes of Marshall as the murderer gives him a self-satisfied 'I won' glance after the announcement of the innocent verdict.

The story then moves back to the Archer and Wejona, as they arrive at the museum and quickly ascertain the situation. Then, moving like Phantoms, they subdue the two guards in the rear of the Museum and move in to deal with the actual robbery.

The next frame is that of the blonde-haired smiling face of Reporter April James, quickly becoming a regular character in the comic. In what comic-spotters have reported as her third appearance, the spunky young reporter pointedly asks Marshall if he thinks the Devils' Advocate will be intervening in this 'case of thwarted justice'. This leads to a confrontation with the newest Police Commissioner, Fulf Gainnes, who has made it more or less his personal mission to bring in the Advocate on numerous occasions. He's gotten the criminals brought in by the Advocate released on technicalities enough times to keep you on your toes, but seems to be entirely legitimate and idealistic, rather than corrupt. April, on your other hand, seems to be your biggest fan and defender within the city. If her columns are any indication.

The issue continues with the duel resolution of both scenes. First, Wejona and the Arcane Archer move from team to team, dealing with the criminals and slowly coming to the realization that all the things on their agenda are magical of some nature or another. Worse, the overall leader of the group seems enchanted in some way - while he is ultimately dealt with, the implications of his magical protections are obvious. The Advocate, meanwhile, suspects something might be wrong with the Attorney who arranged his suspects innocent plea. He put up a good case, the evidence was overwhelming. It turned out to be easier than he thought, for the Attorney was working late in his office and happened to get a call from his superiors. The Devils' Advocate was able to get a taped confession of the fact that he'd bribed the journey. More than enough to call about a mistrial. Then, when the Attorney is called off to meet with his masters to discuss payment, the Advocate follows.

The final two pages of the issue wrap up the details. Wejona and Archer have all the criminals tied up, geased, and ready when the police finally arrive almost an hour later. The Faerie keeps her suspicions largely to herself, for now, mulling over what the powerful magic she'd felt actually means and what they were going to do about it. Advocate, meanwhile, prevents the assassination of the Attorney and engages in a chase across Berlin as he seeks to flee capture and punishment for his crimes. The last panel deals with a traffic jam, oddly enough, as the Van makes its way back to the Rabbithole. Only a few astute readers catch the oddity of the van running into a traffic jam at 3am in the morning.
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