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Issue #82 -- Our Lady of Hong Kong

(NPC Storyline)
Following up on the aforementioned "trip to Asia", we zoom in on Indra, Starfire, Mayet, Black Knight, and Amirailaalia. Standing in the midst of a Hong Kong Marketplace, shopkeepers and children looking on in awe, wonder and perhaps a little fear. They are completely surrounded by a mixture of armed Chinese troops and sophisticated War Robots, one of which lies in three sparking pieces at the feet of Black Knight. Mayet and Indra stand front and center, the ancient Indian man standing beside the 15-seeming Egyptian Girl as she calmly informs the Chinese troops to disengage.

Someone pulls the trigger, the other soldiers follow suit, and the air fills with bullets. All of which bounce off the golden glow in the air between the Team and the Chinese Soldiers. Indra turns, looking at the Egyptian girl, and she lightly nods. The Shield goes down, and Starfire outstretches both of her hands and sends a raw stream of pure energy forward - cries of surprise and protest, as all vision and awareness of their self-appointed enemies is taken from them.

The panel afterwards is black, with various fun sound-effect bubbles like *Swish!*, *Clang!*, *Crack!*, and so on. Last panel of the page fills up the entire bottom of the comic. The five robots are gone, two of them burned out and fizzling, three of them chopped in various pieces. Starfire hovers gently over the battlefield, while Black Knight has recovered from his assault into a crouch. The ground is veritably strewn with Chinese Soldiers, in various states of disarray, but showing a vague pattern to their fall. Indra stands over the last one, an Officer, having gotten him into a lock.

Words, translated, in Mandarin, "Where is she?" Twist of the arm, when he doesn't answer immediately, and then the group is off.

The group is in a different part of Hong Kong, atop the roof of a building overlooking a crowded street. A few war-robots mill about the front of the building they are observing, but either they haven't been programmed to look for threats from atop neighboring buildings or they haven't yet recognized the team as a genuine threat.

Panel of Starfire, showing her hovering a few inches off the roof, long blonde hair falling down around her, face scrunched up in a rather cute looking bit of frustration. "What are they keeping her for, anyway?" Next Panel, of Indra, wizened old master, face calm and serene as it always is as he regards the First Renegade. "They fear her," he replies, softly. "Sir Knight, if you would be so kind? Starfire, young one, please assist him."

The rest of the page is the small 'battle', in much more detail this time. We see Black Knight drawing his elegant Holy Sword, leaping down into the fray with a battle-scream translated from Spanish, "In the Name of the Son!" Starfire, meanwhile, goes UP, sparkles and flares of light radiating from her as she stretches out her hand and does a quick roll. Multi-colored electricity and light radiates from her fingers, utterly filling the area below. Just as the Robots begin to react to the attack, just as the first one swivels toward Black Knight and brings around the multi-cannon, the light connects and it's electronics begin to sizzle and fry. It pauses for a few seconds, just long enough for the Knights' blade to disconnect the things left arm and thus the dangerous multi-cannon. The sword comes around again, ripping through the hard metal casing and exposing circuitry and electronics. The last panel of the battle is tilted up, showing Starfire coming down hard on the robot even as it recovers from the electrical surge.

The next three pages are filled with battles against more robots, soldiers, and finally the rescue of a little girl - who, upon seeing her heroes, face goes all smiles. She runs up, hugging Starfire and incredibly happy to be reunited with her friends. Then comes the flashback, explaining this girl and her story.

We learn that she was born in Hong Kong, and has a deep and instinctual bond with the city - with, indeed, all cities. The Group, lured to Hong Kong by Oracle, runs into her while she's on the run from the Chinese Military. Beating off the group that was chasing her, Starfire comforts and reassures the young girl. Some discussion of who she is, what the Chinese want her for and such forth. The little girl, unable to really speak English, just bonds with Starfire and keeps close to her. Eventually, however, she begins to exhibit her powers - helping them to escape from another group of Soldiers without a confrontation, by opening up the city to them and creating an escape route.

Their luck eventually runs out, however, as they run into the Metahuman in-charge of finding the young girl - Great Wall, who the team has run into in the past. Cue dramatic introduction of their old foe, who appears in the doorway after they've beaten off the first wave of soldiers to assault their new hiding place. Combined with the fresh surprise of the War-robots, the Team is offered enough of a hard battle for Great Wall to escape with the girl...

...which REALLY pisses off Starfire, who unleashes a wave of power among the attackers, beating them off and saving the group from a rather uncertain battle even without Great Walls presence. Then, through the ceiling with a *CRASH*, she looks for her new little friend and the Chinese Soldier that took her - but she can't find them. Indra talks her down, once again, and promises that they will find little Huili again.

Roughly two pages after that, we catch up with the scene in the beginning of the comic.
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